Lafaette Mini Meters ** PENDING **

Published: January 29, 2021 (1 month ago)
Willow Grove

Three Lafaette mini VOM meters sold with leads and an RCA leatherette case.  These are inexpensive meter not accurate on AC line voltage – all read about 100v when plugged into a wall receptacle.  However they can be used accurately for DC voltages.  I tested each meter with a 9v battery that read 9.3 volts with my DMM.  I did not test the meters on Ohms scale.

Left is the TE-77 model 99-5064. Uses “N” battery. The 9v battery reads 9.0 on this meter.

Center is the model 99-50957.  Uses standard AA battery. Has unusual 10v scale.  The 9v battery reads 9.0 on this meter.

Right is the TE-77a model 99-50791. Uses standard AA battery.  Easy to read scale, has hook type leads.  The 9v battery reads 9.5 on this meter.  Internal battery was corroded but meter reads the closest of the three.

All three for $10.00

W3AEH Estate.



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