Heathkit Isolation Transformer model IT-1 *Sold*

Published: November 7, 2020 (3 weeks ago)

This is an early Heathkit Isolation transformer model IT-1.  Primarily designed for techs working on the old 5 tube AM radios of the 1950’s and other radios with a hot chassis.

It’s really a small variac for adjusting the line voltage – 100 watts continuous / 200 watts intermittent.

Working and in nice condition.  I see these over priced on eBay for as much as $100.  They are not worth $100.  Although it can be used as intended, we are selling it as a collectors item for your Heathkit museum.

Here’s a full description;  http://www.w6ze.org/Heathkit/Heathkit_018_IT1.pdf

W3AEH estate.

Author: WA3QVU

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