Eico and Viz Signal Generators and Sig Tracer

Published: November 8, 2020 (3 weeks ago)

More RF Signal Generators from the estate.

The Eico units are Sold — Still have the Viz.

The pair on the bottom are both Eico; model 330 RF Signal generator. It produces a good signal but the modulation input does not work.  Manual is here; https://www.lost-manuals.com/manufacturer/EICO_Electronic_Instrument_Co._Inc./330

The matching unit is model 150 Signal Tracer.  This is also working – very unique, it has the ability to trace or listen to RF signals. Manual is here; https://www.lost-manuals.com/manufacturer/EICO_Electronic_Instrument_Co._Inc./150

The top unit is the Viz model WR-50c. Working but again the modulation input does not work.  Manual is here; https://usermanual.wiki/Manual/VIZRCARFSignalGeneratorWR50C.1501928129

Asking $15 each.

W3AEH estate

Author: WA3QVU

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