About PWA

A Brief History of Penn Wireless Association.

On May 24, 1965 two local Amateur Radio Clubs of lower Bucks County ratified a common new constitution forming ‘The Penn Wireless Association of Windsor and Bucks County Radio Clubs”. This happened after many weekly meetings of a special committee of members from both parent clubs.

On April 7, 1966 “Penn Wireless Association Inc.” is chartered as a Non-Profit Corporation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through the efforts of Snipes & White, Esq.’s.

A rewritten Constitution is adapted to conform to guidelines necessary for Non-Profit status under Internal Revenue Service section 501 C(3) and submitted to IRS in March of 1989.

In a letter dated February 21, 1990 IRS acknowledged receipt of our application and granted temporary approval allowing us to conduct business under 501 C (3) guidelines pending final approval.

A letter of final determination dated June 5, 1994 approves Penn Wireless Assn. as a nonprofit organization under IRS 501 C (3).