This Month’s Member of the Month John Melchor.

John (N3JAM), Our PWA Vice President. He is a retired engineer after a 38-year career at Lockheed Martin. He loves to play radio and ride old motorcycles. He the right-hand man to our president. Some of his reasonability’s are Public Relation, setting up our Pota Events and the most important, his dedication in all the necessary preparation needed to make our Field Days a great success over the past years. We are proud to have him in our club. Let’s let him know his work does not go unappreciated. Thanks John

Click here to see the pictures for this year’s Field Day. Video of PWA Field Day Click here

Please read Debbie Hinkle’s Comments on Field Day 2024

Hi Everyone, 

I just wanted to thank all of you for your participation in Field Day.  To me, this year was one of the best field day events in a long time.  What made it so special was the camaraderie of the group.  When there was a ham radio related question or issue, someone was right there to assist.  If there was a conflict of interest, to the best of my knowledge, it was addressed and resolved. 

Field Day is an Emergency Communication Drill.  It has been a contest to see which group makes the most contacts and points.  A little friendly competition is always fun but this club, especially this weekend, was that and so much more.  Everyone had a special area of expertise which they shared with the group.  Anyone who came and visited whether it was a ham or a member of the general public was greeted and welcomed.    

The new members went out of their way to not only participate in being operators, but they also helped out all weekend from set up to take down.  Current members came earlier then their scheduled operating time and pitched in wherever they were needed including set up and take down.  

One of the most special times for me, was watching your chairman take a few minutes from operating to say hi and thank you to the maintenance person who cleared the field for the antennas. Watching Mark and his son Jayson (WA3KSK) operate the GOTA station together was memorable.  Some members who were unable to commit to a scheduled time stopped by to say hi.  Others who were unable to come due to health or other reasons were truly missed but sent their good wishes for a successful event.    

There is so much work that needs to be done prior to Field Day.  Jobs were delegated and your core group followed through on every detail and beyond.  Your family members stopped by to say hi, others took care of a meal, others stayed and helped.   

This weekend was a true drill with the heat and humidity.  The sudden storm that blew through could have caused damage.  There could have been serious medical issues with the high temperatures.  Thanks to the safety officer and the group looking out for each other, there were no incidents at the site.    

As the saying goes, ” you are only as good as the people around you. ” Whether you made the most contacts or extra points or not, you are all winners in my book.   

Thank you, Deb Hinkel 

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